NHAR Honor Society


The White Mountain Board of REALTORS

The primary purpose of the New Hampshire REALTORS® Honor Society is to encourage board participation among members in order that they might be better educated, active members to serve their customers/clients and in return bring credit to themselves and the real estate industry.

2017 Honorees

Lifetime Members
Antonella Bliss
Bernie Friberg
Diana Hoyt
Suzie Laskin
Jim Lyons - High Point Recipient
Margie MacDonald
Paul Mayer
Joy Tarbell
Linda Walker
Paul Wheeler

Fifteenth Year
Jeana Hale-Dewitt

Thirteenth Year
Lisa Brouillette

Bonnie Hayes
Bill Lydon
Lindsey Maihos

Seventh Year
Charlie Erff

Eight Year

Wendy Holmes

Fifth Year
Sharon Lydon

Fourth Year
Steven Steiner

Third Year
 Janet McMahon

Second Year
Terri Bukartek 
Ann Pinkham
Cathy Steesy

First Year

Corinne Ray

Mark Ray