Affiliate Roster Report

Company Name Email Phone
Browning Valuation Services, LLC Browning, Sherri 603-356-3500
Debora J. West, Appraiser West, Debora 603-387-4577
Straight Line Appraisal, Inc Stokes, Jason 207-838-7800
Valued Appraisals Consaul, Bruce 603-356-8161
Yankee Appraisals Hayes, Nanci 603-939-2961
Attorneys and Title Companies 
Company Name Email Phone
Alpine Title Services, Inc. Ilaqua, Kelley 603-986-2071
Alpine Title Services, Inc. Weegar, Vicki 603-986-5673
Cooper, Cargill, Chant P.A. Dean, Andrew 603-356-5439
Cooper, Cargill, Chant P.A. Eastman, Khristina 603-356-5439
Hastings Law Office, P.A. Herzog, Teri 207-935-2061
Hastings Law Office, P.A. Pierce, Andrew 207-935-2061
Presidential Title Services Arias, Melissa 603-733-5925
Presidential Title Services Doucet, Sheryl 603-733-5925
Presidential Title Services Leonard, Leslie 603-733-5925
Presidential Title Services Thomas, Heidi 603-733-5925
Red Door Title, LLC Widmer, Elizabeth 603-937-0100
Red Door Title, LLC Wilford, Ryan 603-427-9399
Summit Title Services, LLC Gwynn, Heidi 603-616-8968
The Title Team Armano, Maria 603-387-7959
Company Name Email Phone
BD Works Painting and Property Management Haynes, Parker 603-986-6520
Cormack Construction Management, Inc. Cormack, Gordon 603-986-5468
Freedom Designs Pettengill, Scott (603) 651-1383
Turner Septic Pumping Hatch, Kim 603-520-6780
Home and Septic Inspectors 
Company Name Email Phone
A Builder's View Home Inspections LeBlanc, Thomas ABUILDERSVIEW.HOMEINSPECTIONS@GMAIL.COM 207-520-8590
Russell Inspection Services Russell, Kyle 603-740-4062
Russell Inspection Services Russell, Peter 603-740-4062
Turner Septic Inspections Turner, Seth 603-307-4973
Ward Simonton Certified Home Inspections Simonton, Ward 207-890-5448
Company Name Email Phone
Allstate Insurance Stevens, Jennifer 603-539-3140
Infinger Insurance Agency Infinger, Michael 603-662-6843
Infinger Insurance Agency Joy Merrill, Kristal 603-447-5123
Rogers Gray Church, Melissa 603-733-4106
Rogers Gray Holtby, Sara 603.733.4099
Rogers Gray Mason-Small, Lynn 508-760-4626
Company Name Email Phone
Bank of New Hampshire Sanderson, Kathy 603-662-9665
Bank of New Hampshire Whelton, Evelyn 603-455-4467
CMG Financial Dean, Kaylie 603-323-0992
CMG Financial Jones, Pat 603-986-6416
Guild Mortgage Cartonio, Morgan 207-272-9685
Guild Mortgage Guida, Randy 603-662-6702
Meredith Village Savings Bank Dow, Charles (603) 279-9217
Meredith Village Savings Bank Hodge, Brittany 603-496-8968
Meredith Village Savings Bank White, Adam 603-937-4684
Northway Bank Harrigan, Ed 603-387-2139
Northway Bank McCarthy, Lyn 603-986-8712
Northway Bank Olson, Wendy 603-662-6106
Northway Bank Ross, William 603-998-0071
Norway Savings Bank Charette, Kristen 207-393-3674
Norway Savings Bank Corbett, Jennifer 207-240-6230
Norway Savings Bank Luce, Michelle 207-393-3674
USA Mortgage Bodwell, Emma 207-595-1138
USA Mortgage Gulstrom, Joel 207-595-1138
Company Name Email Phone
The Country Picker Moving and Storage Jefferies, Eileen 603-447-3200
The Country Picker Moving and Storage LeBlanc, Phil 603-662-3801
The Country Picker Moving and Storage Nealon, Cathy 603-662-3802
The Country Picker Moving and Storage Vogelsang, Tina 603-447-3200
Company Name Email Phone
Josh Laskin Photography Laskin, Josh 856-776-6461
Real Estate Resources 
Company Name Email Phone
Buyer's Guide to Real Estate Hazzard, Hollie 603-986-5555